NATIVE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT believes that spaces should inspire people, create value for investors and users, and enrich society. This belief rests upon Character, Innovation, Beauty, and Conscious Engagement as its foundation. NATIVE believes that we have the responsibility, as designers and developers, to enhance the built environment. Size and scale isn’t our motivating factor; our satisfaction comes from successfully bringing to life the unique story of what an individual place currently is and the potential of what it could be.

Regardless of the location or scope, each and every space needs to reflect its local community and fabric. Just as people accumulate memories, objects, and experiences from around the world, a space can and should reflect elements of its greater milieu. Our co-creation process aims to find the right balance among all of these multifaceted aspects to produce a locale that is truly unique and truly native to its setting. We also seek to bring sustainability into every project in a manner that’s appropriate and sensible.




NATIVE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT is a design and opportunistic development firm based in Los Angeles, working across a variety of product types including but not limited to single-family homes, multifamily, hotels, retail, and mixed-use. NATIVE evaluates what projects to pursue and what role to take using a comprehensive method involving market dynamics, the identity and potential of a site, and the shareholders involved with the project.

NATIVE’s flexibility and entrepreneurial nature allows us to quickly capitalize on new investment possibilities. We are able to take on many roles within real estate, whether that be as an interior design team hired to create a client’s dream home, joint venturing with other developers to bring to life their visions of an asset, or controlling the development process from acquisition, entitlements, to disposition.

Additionally, NATIVE is intimately connected within greater Los Angeles and acutely aware of the changing dynamics of the city. We are able to synthesis market insights and data from institutions, small development shops, and individuals living in targeted neighborhoods to better understand where to focus our resources.

We know that bringing an asset to its full potential takes teamwork and determination, which is why we relentlessly search for the best individuals and companies with whom to work. Leveraging the mix of residential and commercial arenas allows us to find individuals that specialize in all types of expertise.

Within the first year of operation, NATIVE has been involved with over $25 million worth of work in three different states. A ground-up residence, a value-add renovation of a single family home, and a corporate wellness think tank are some of these projects.